Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Parkland Project Poll: Bedroom Paint Color

Periodically, I want you the readers to help with a little input. Feel free to comment away (just nothing vulgar)!

So we have begun with the painting projects. From my graphic design background, I don't like to brag, but I know my way around a color wheel. Right after we had our bid accepted I pretty much had planned out every color in the house (pending I saw the lighting changes), minus the master bedroom. I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate our current duvet that I love, but that was it. Naturally when we started painted, we decided to start with the master bedroom. I though that with our natural light, a light warm grey would nice. I heard that Lowe's had paint samples for half off this weekend (bonus) so I figured why not get a couple and try them out. (Did I mention I am now the current Mayor of our local Lowe's on foursquare?) I find grey that I think is perfect for what I had in mind, then I look right next to it and there is another perfect grey with a slight blue undertone... they are both from Olympic and I'm not partial to a certain brand, it was just the samples were on sale and the colors caught my eye.

This brings me to you and the poll:
 Forevermore vs. Lunar Eclipse

Forevermore is the grey with the blue undertone. It also sounds like it could possibly be the long lost cousin of Edgar Allen Poe's color grey "nevermore".

Lunar Eclipse is a little bit cooler of a grey.

Left Forevermore, Right Lunar Eclipse

In natural light - left Forevermore, right Lunar Eclipse
 This is the duvet set that I love and want to match. From this view I think Forevermore is pulling a little more color out of the green yellow accent pillow. What do you think? You can ask Turk too if you really want.

In artificial light - left Forevermore, right Lunar Eclipse

So what do you think we should go with?


  1. I happen to be more drawn to Lunar Eclipse.

  2. Lunar Eclipse almost seems to have a hint of green in it to me - I'm partial to Forevermore personally. Love yellow/grey combos - this is my bedding:

  3. I vote Lunar Eclipse, but you know that already! :)

  4. Did you put primer underneath the colors when you put them on the wall? I guess I would have to ask that before I could do any deciding.

  5. I didn't want to prime for a sample. Not gonna lie... thanks everyone! Keep voting!

  6. Your Interior Designer mother says go with the Lunar Eclipse. It is just the right shade of gray, slightly lighter then the bedding, and will really make a difference in the darkness of that room. The windows are high so you don't get that much light. The space will feel much larger.


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