Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Mother's (Moving) Day!

This weekend was Mother's Day and what a better way to celebrate than having both of our mothers see our new house! Saturday was filled with unloading our U-Haul U-Boxes and trying to set some stuff set-up. We went out for breakfast at Maxfield's, a local diner, to celebrate our new place (also because we had no food or fridge in our house) and then went off to finally pick a refrigerator. Lowe's ended up having the best deal, size (or so we thought, definitely a later story) and three-star Energy Star rating for what we needed. Max's parents Mark and Ellen showed up in the afternoon with an entire trailer full of random give away furniture for us including random things Max owned. I was a bit overwhelmed, but much appreciative.

After the unloading, we headed to Lowe's to finally purchase said refrigerator. Although, the sign said it was in stock, of course, we had to wait until Wednesday (today) to get it. We've been using a mini-fridge from Max's college days for a few days so our meals have been very limited. While there, Mark vanished into the aisles to get things we "needed" like a shovel, rake, and tons of miscellaneous things. When we finally found him the cart was completely full with a ladder draped over the top of it. We took the old fridge with us and surprisingly Lowe's took it for recycling since we bought one there. It was left in the loading area in the parking lot. Hopefully someone came and got it.

We get back and within five minutes, Mr. Fix-It Mark was crazily running around fixing things.
Things he fixed in less than 3 hours (that I could tell, I'm sure there were more...Mark let me know if there were more).

1. Reattached some loose siding on the roof.
2. Attached a new work bench top.
3. Cleaned out the gutters.
4. Put in our new mailbox.
5. Added a missing post to our faux fence.

Ellen and I unpacked the kitchen while the boys worked outside. Dustyn uncovered a sweet cable dog tie that Turk has already been loving trying out.

We feed the group Papa Murphy's and beer for all their hard work. Again, thanks everyone!

Side note: We I have wanted to go to Episcopalian church now and I have been talking forever to Max. So Sunday morning we went to a local service at St. Martin's just down the road. I loved the small congregation and the closeness of the parish. Everyone welcomed us in wonderfully. The parish was diverse which was also very nice. Max had a little trouble following the service since we are both from a Roman Catholic background but he also liked the people. I loved the Sunday school kids were involved in the service and they handed out flowers to every women for Mother's Day. Totally made my day!

After church, we met my parents, Mike and Shelly, at the house. They came baring gifts of a new plant and sheppard's hook to put it on. My Mom looked wonderful! I was so glad to spend Mother's Day with her since I haven't been able to years since I always worked that day. We gave them the house tour and then decided to take Mom out for dinner for Chinese at Yen Ching, quite possibly the best Chinese in the whole city. We ordered family-style and she loved it!

Housewarming gift

When lunch ended and we rolled out of Yen Ching, we headed over to Sears to get a new lawnmower. Max picked out a Snapper SE. I don't know much about lawnmowers but I was told it was very easy to operate, we shall see. A quick stop to Pier 1 was a must for Mom since she doesn't get to them very often. My dad had to make sure that the mower worked properly and that Max knew how to operate it before they could leave from their visit. Mom went around the house mapping out all the types of flowers and plants I had. Apparently we have hostas, hyacinths, lilies, vinca vine, peonies and a few things unidentified that Mom took photos of to identify later. I then gave her Mother's Day gift, a outdoor candle set from Pier I know her or what?
Snapper SE

Pier 1 Assorted Citronella Candles

Cute door mat from World Market
A few photos were left out, so stayed tuned for a later update when I get copies from the 'rents.


  1. It sounds like you guys are getting a lot done! When you have a chance, email me your address so we can send you something! :]

  2. LOL Mom and dad got us a lawnmower last when we moved in last summer too! (as my birthday present though)

  3. Ha! I have the exact same plant and hanger outside my front door too! :)


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