Friday, May 13, 2011

Frickin' Fridge Fail

So after we purchased our refrigerator, we noticed that it was too tall to fit into the spot designated for it currently. We are pretty sure the "standard" size had changed since the cabinets were installed. Point in case here is the original fridge:

Original refrigerator and cabinets

Everything seems fine with it. But we get to the store and all the refrigerators are at least the height we bought or larger. Can anyone confirm if they got taller?

So we had two options:
1. Either order a smaller, garage-size refrigerator for our very full-size kitchen and sacrifice the food space. OR
2. Take out/modify the existing cabinets to fit the "new standard" size refrigerator.

In my mind, there really was only one option #2. Max dabbled a little bit with the first one. I said, "We should just rip out the cabinet. I am not living with a little tiny fridge." Max of course called "Mr. Fix-It" Mark, aka Super Dad, to see what our options were. He said he'd be over Wednesday afternoon to check it out. So he arrives and after an assessment, the cabinet had to come down. He looked it over and said he could modify the cabinet to be shorter and still fit. So we thankfully went with that option.

While he was here, Mark decided he should fix our roof (don't mind Max's butt crack).

Roofing Anderson men 

So another problem with our new refrigerator, since our kitchen is mostly to the right of where it is located, we needed a one that opened up to the left. We knew this going in and made sure the model we picked out could have the handles mounted that way. The sales guy said this one would so we were happy. A Lowe's person actually called the day before it was delivered to confirm that is how we wanted it. There had to some miscommunication because this fridge arrived. The handle was mounted on the wrong side. After all that! The delivery guy's call and confirm how it was supposed to be. Since it was their mistake, they are letting us use this one until ours arrives 7-21 days from now, special order.

Handle on WRONG SIDE

Refrigerator sans cabinet


  1. Thanks god for Max´s Dad!! (Posted by Kati)

  2. Dads are the best!! My Dad helped so much when we bought out house, and is still helping with all of our homeowner issues. Yay for Dads!!


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