Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Then There Were Four

Well our blog is officially one month old and we've had over 1400 hits, we are amazed! Didn't realize we had that many friends/loyal readers!

I also promised you all a big surprise. We have a new roommate! My college friend, Scott, got relocated here for work and was in need of fast housing since his job wanted him to move ASAP. Since we are still young and have no kids (yet) we said he could bunk up with us until he figures out what he wants to do or we get married (which ever comes first). This being said, I had to relinquish my guest bedroom/office and put a hold on plans for the dining room since Scott works from home and needs desk space. I can still paint them the colors I want but all demolition for the living room/dining room separation has to come later (boo).

Scott and I at a Cubs game at Wrigley Field

Scott showed up late Friday night after driving straight from Kansas City, MO. Max and I helped him unload his trailer and get his bed set up. His girlfriend, Shaunna, and our mutual friend Brian showed up later from Minneapolis for the festivities. A few beers were cracked to celebrate and a little euchre was played. Scott's parents came down from Green Bay to visit early Saturday.

Later that day, Max and I headed off to the Anderson cabin (we go there a lot so be prepared for many other posts about it) to celebrate his mom's birthday and to take the boat for its first summer spin. I got to enjoy a giving myself and his Grandma Muriel mani/pedis outside on the deck while the boys put the boat lift in. We ended up seeing a baby fawn hiding in the bushes.

This Memorial Day weekend we had a couple of house first's. We had our first overnight house guests. Max's friend Nick from college and his dog, Jack. Turk loved having the company and let Jack know that he was welcome. Max enjoyed it too.

Not much for housework was done this weekend except getting Scott settled but it was relaxing and I think we all need that from time to time!

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