Love our blog and want to advertise here? Wonderful! There are just a few things you should know before we get you started.


1. Here at the PP (Parkland Project) we do not advertise products we do not personally endorse. If we wouldn't personally use the product in our home, why would you want it in yours. That adds advertising credibility to your products and trust from our readers being a tried at true product.

2. We offer two size advertisement currently as our blog's sidebar. If need be, we can work an appropriate ad for these sizes custom for your company. Monthly, advertisers will be featured in a post so regardless if you continue to sponsor with us, you will still always have a little web presence at the PP.

Our larger sizad is: 
240 x 120 px JPEG for $10.00 per month

Our smaller size ad is:
80 x 120 px JPEG for $6.00 per month

3. Currently we are only taking Paypal for payments. Sorry.

4. If you are still interested in sponsoring our little blog, please email us at maureendolezal@gmail.com with the following information:

- Company Name
- Company Information: location, services or products and website
- Company advertisement or photo
- Any discount or promotion you can offer our readers as an incentive

After all these things are received, we will send you our Paypal account number. When payment is confirmed we will send you an email statement and a preview of your advertisement on our page. Once approved it will go live for one month after the approval date.


If you would just like to sponsor a giveaway for our readers, that is super great and way easy. We only need the following information:

- Company Name
- Product or Service given away
- Where and when the product and service can be redeemed (United States, anywhere, ect.)

Product Reviews

We will do product reviews for your company, but all comments will be 100% honest and non-biased. We want our readers to get our true opinion on every product. So you have been warned.

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