Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Make Me Some "Wheat Bread"

OK so it's not real wheat bread but Behr's "Wheat Bread" paint. Amazing color. I've said it again and again, but I'm just so amazed. And after Googling it, apparently Wheat Bread is a very popular color.
I used the Behr Premium Plus Ultra brand with the paint and primer in one. I was really getting sick of having to prime before painting and after the guest bedroom debacle from here and here, anything that skipped a step, was fine by me.

So glad I did! The living room walls only took two coats and the second was not very labor intensive. For future painting, I'm definitely keeping up with paint and primer in one.

Here is our finished painting project at night. See how it tones down the harsh blue on the walls.

The neutral color gives a great canvas for the bright accent colors of the pillows and future artwork (its coming so soon!)

Here is a better look of the gray/blue combo.

A day time shot. This is the truest look of the coloring. You can also still see the last of the many ceiling hooks left by the previous owner. They either loved hanging lamps or macrame hanging plants. I am hardcore picturing the plants. 

What do you think? Is gray the new neutral? Do you wish we'd bring back the macrame? Starting to see the bigger picture?

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  1. Great color choice! Although I'm kind of annoyed with the name...I don't see wheat or bread in that color. But I do love it. I also think that room could rock some macrame.


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