Saturday, March 3, 2012

When Two Become One

This is a beautiful story of when two separate beings are joined forever in a life of happiness. Sorry, I know that might sound like we got engaged. Don't worry. I'm still optimistic on that one, but I'm talking about plants. Yes plants. Bamboo to be exact.

Late last summer, my sister held a bridal shower for one of her friends with an Asian theme. She gave away little bamboo plants as a party favor. Well not everyone showed up to the party and she had a few left over. Being a great sister, she offered me a few to get rid of them. Having no plants at all in our home yet, so not feng shui of us, I more than happily accepted them.

And thus they lived on my kitchen windowsill for many many months. One perished very soon after it was brought home so I wanted to let the other two grow a little stronger before I replanted them. They finally were ready to have a new home.

Using a $0.49 OR√ĄDD potted plant from IKEA and $1 accent rocks from Dollar Tree we began the re potting process.

First the water was gently poured out to prevent the rocks from spilling out in the sink and down the drain.

Then, holding the stem of the plant, I poured the small rocks in the pot.

Here is a shot of the fragile roots. They are sort of a reddish brown color.

Creating a small hole for the roots with my finger, I then replanted each of the plants. I wiggled my finger around to make sure there was plenty of room for the roots to not disturb them.

After the roots were covered again, I added the accent rocks on top of them. The smaller rocks on bottom give the roots somewhere to go.

Then using filtered water from our Brita, I gave my friends a little drink. I use filtered water as city tap water tends to have more things added like chlorine and fluoride. It may not be perfect, but it definitely helps. More about bamboo care here.

Now the two are married and nesting in their new home in our guest bedroom/office. Such a nice couple. So much love.

What sorts of house plants do you have? We are definitely looking to add more. Maybe a succulent next? The plant care has to be low to minimal. We I tend to forget to water them.

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