Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Vegetable Garden: The Redux

This year I really wanted to get a head start on my organic vegetable garden that I sort of failed at early last year. I started seed way to late in the season and then cooked them out in the sun one day. So I ended up going back and buying mature plants and giving it another go. Some things like lettuce and broccoli I ended up growing way too much of. Other things like my tomatoes and green pepper plants proved not so "fruitful" get it, since they are technically fruits... ok enough of the bad jokes. To my defense, that was my first garden and I feel I bit off more than I could chew with gardening and home remodeling. Too much, too fast, too soon.

I saved all my plastic pots and seed starting trays from last year (reuse!). Last month, I went out and bought all the seeds for the plants I wanted this year. After reading the times for planting in zone 5, I had to start the tomato and pepper plants inside before the season began. They recommended 6-8 weeks before planting in the ground.

I used Stein's seed starting mix and filled just a section of the tray. I don't plan on having a huge garden with just Max and me. Maybe later when we have some babinos.

According to the seed packaging directions, I made a 1/4" hole with my finger for the seeds. Sometimes they were a little deeper, so sue me.

Carefully I added a couple of seeds to each section. I am over planting plants this year just in case some fail or bugs get them I can hopefully have some harvest. You just never know.

Using our super awesome kitchen sink sprayer, I simulated some rain and lightly watered the seeds.

Ahh, a good drink.

I placed the clear cover lid on for added warmth and protect to the seeds.

Then placed them in their new home, a small indoor greenhouse I picked up on clearance for $30.

Grow little friends! This year we are going to try to make some raised beds for vegetables to help prevent some of the weeds (and my back) from killing. We shall see. The yard is definitely the priority though after our New Year's House Resolutions.

We saw the new movie, The Lorax, and I was completely brought back to my childhood days. I remember now that was the main reason I started buying books on saving the planet because I watched Dr. Suess's The Lorax in elementary school a lot. It was one of those videos the school owned that they would put on if the teacher needed a space filler or they needed to entertain us before a speaker. I cried as a child every time the animals had to go away. Cried again this time too. I loved how they showed how to make things better, which the original story did not. Either way, good work Suess, you worked on me! I guess I was an "UNLESS".


  1. Hey Maureen,

    I love that you're doing your part, its great to hear!

    I have another idea for you however, have you ever looked into aquaponics? The systems vary in a size and price, but basically it is a closed-looped system that organically produces vegetables and fish without the pollution that is normally associated with either venture. I am working on building a system right now as a part of my Environmental Science degree at Alverno. If you want more info let me know..otherwise I think its great what you're doing..keep up the good work and I promise to keep reading! Long live the Lorax!!

    Wendy (

    1. Hi Wendy!
      Thanks for reading our little blog here. That sounds like a crazy system (a little too advanced for our home I might say) but I think I've seen urban farmers in the 5th Ward doing that.

      How did you stumble upon us may I ask?


  2. Sometimes i think we share the same blogging brain :) I've been itching to get my veggie garden started too!


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