Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Engagement

Forget my joke in the last post, it finally happened.

Max popped the question!

On Saturday, March 10th, 2012, he asked me to be more than his house remodeling companion, but his wife. I know you are all asking, "What's the story?"! So here it goes...

We have been having an unseasonable warm winter that continued to March. Sixty degree days in the beginning of March mean us house bound Wisconsinites get to venture back outdoors. We headed up to the cabin the night before to have a little alone time that we really needed. That morning, I woke up early and made a breakfast casserole and we enjoyed the sun.

After our food had settled, we went on a morning jog together around part of the lake. We been both consciously trying to workout more and get back in shape. It was a gorgeous morning for it too. Only a few clouds and lots of wind.

Since there was still patches of snow on the ground and the lake was still frozen, there wasn't much to do at the cabin so we headed into nearby Waupaca, WI, to bum around the town. Max was being very patient with me and let me go into all the antique and gift stores I wanted. From this moment on, I knew something was up. We joked and called it "terrific lady day" like they said on The League. I was really enjoying "terrific lady day". I picked up a very cool vintage 1966 Standard Oil street map of Milwaukee for $3 at Ingeborg's Cupboard Antiques and Collectables. Very Mad Men Esque of me. Wall art, yes!

We then headed back to the cabin to have a couple of beers and start dinner (steaks we had picked up from local Wautoma meat store, Stoneridge). I sat by the campfire, which was not actually lit, enjoying sitting in the sun. Max said he had to go to the bathroom and would be right back out. A few minutes later, he came out with his beer and a book. He then asked me to go for a walk to sit down by the swing just below the house. Being in the shade, I was less than thrilled to move out of the sunlight. Seeing a book, also made me get a little down since that usually meant he is going to zone out and not talk.

We get to the swing and he said, here read the first chapter. I look and its a copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. A book I have read years ago. Anyone who really knows me, knows I don't read much, so me reading all the Harry Potter books was a big deal. I also love all the movies. So I begin to read.
*note: grammar has been changed

"The Adventures of Maureen
As told by
Max Anderson

We all know how the Harry Potter stories go. They go on to sell a bunch of copies of the books and create a string of hit movies. But instead in this chapter, we get to learn about someone much more important than that "Harry" guy. It's a story that's much more important than Hogwarts, wizarding, and even that little guy we call "Lurk".

This is a story of how one of the greatest things happened for the lives of two people. It all happened many years ago, during the Brewers Opening Day, where Maureen was having fun in the big city of Milwaukee.

Maureen went out to a club to meet a friend downtown. When Maureen got to the club, she realized that her friend was being mean to hear and she thought "to hell with this guy, I'll go to talk to someone else." That's where Max came into the story. Max came up and said "Hi", he proceeded to talk to Maureen for the night where he later took her home since she was really tired. But as Max drove away that night, he couldn't help but think that there was something about that girl.

About one month later Maureen and Max go out for their first date at Oakland Trattoria where they have their first dinner together and then go to a movie. Max would never forget that night, it was the first night he had a date with the girl of his dreams. It was also the first time he ever had a girl suggest that they go to watch the Jackass movie. He knew that night that girl was something special........

After a few dates, Maureen said "I love you". It was big news to Max, but he knew he was able to say "I love you" back and mean it.

Eventually, Max graduated college and he had to get a job, that meant he had to leave Maureen and that made him very sad. He cried when he left since he didn't want to give up the greatest person in his life. He knew that he needed to find a job so he went far far way and he didn't speak to Maureen for a long time. It was a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life.

But thankfully, after a long time, Max came back to Milwaukee and he was able to see Maureen again. H will never forget the smile on her face after not seeing her for so many years, but he knew that he was glad to be back home.

After some time Maureen and Max got together and decided to move in together. They moved out of the big dirty city of Milwaukee and eventually bought a house, moved into it and started fixing the place up. They decided to call that house home.

But there was something that was bothering Max. There was something that was incomplete in his life and that he couldn't put his finger on. There was one more thing he needed in his life that he just couldn't do himself. It was if there was a question that he needed answered but he couldn't answer it himself....."

He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said YES!

My ring is a blue diamond with white accent diamond stones. About .75 carat total for your ring buffs.

Max said he chose the Chamber of Secrets since the book was going to have it's own secret. He joked it would be a little morbid to put it in the Deathly Hallows since so many people die. I told him, well people still died in that book. R.I.P. Moaning Myrtle.

Overall, a very surprisingly awesome and romantic proposal I didn't think my man had in him. Love knowing he's still full of surprises.

Let the wedding planning begin!

What's your engagement stories? Did it involve a book or a "terrific lady day"? Are you a creepy Harry Potter fan?

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  1. Congrats Moe! I'm pretty sure you know our story :) What makes the moment even more special is knowing that the man you love with all of your heart loves you just as much, if not more, and wants to make a special moment even more amazing. Have fun planning!


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