Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ceiling Be Crackalackin'

After months of searching for a color to tone down the Glidden "Cool Cobalt" that I have for accent walls and half of our living room/former dining room space, I finally found a winner. And believe me this didn't come with an easy decision. We have had paint swatches up on our wall since September. You would think after four months it would be a no brainer and I have seen each color in every light imaginable. I had, and the color tones just didn't seem to be right. The tan and creams just didn't seem to go with the cool tone of the "Cool Colbalt". So on a whim, I swung by Home Depot to pick up a few more swatches. This time I went for some cooler tones and grays. Boy was I happy I did!

I found Behr's "Wheat Bread" and just had one of those "ah-ha" moments. It's a gray with a taupe-ish undertone which warms it up. So perfect and pretty! I guess gray really is the new neutral.

So that brings us back to the current walls. I wanted to get cracking on the paint, but but before I can could do that, I had to get crackin' on a crack! Our ceiling had a crack that went the width of the living room and continued down the wall. It was from the previous owners when they turned the house from a three bedroom to a two bedroom and expanded the master bedroom and living room. From the looks of it, they originally sealed it up, but eventually after the house settled more or there was shotty work (I'm thinking the later) the crack appeared.

The crack began just left of our front door and continued all the way to the kitchen/hallway opening. In the words of Michelle Tanner, "you don't got it dude."

I started to Spackle up the crack and up the wall I went. The hardest part wasn't just filling it in, but the two parts were uneven so trying to make that seamless was a daunting task.

About half way through, a glob of Spackle fell in my eye off the trowel. I laughed hysterically but there way no one home to share my funny moment.

About two hours later, I had gotten through the length of the wall and ended up with this. Wowza! I wasn't lying... huge crack. Plumber's crack. Butt crack. Charlie Sheen crack. Whitney Houston crack (oops, too soon?).

After it dried overnight, Max sanded it down and did another round to smooth it out. We then primed the area with sanded primer to give the area a seamless textured finish and would be ready for ceiling paint later.

On to painting!

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