Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 Easy Painting Tips

With the ceiling crack taken care of, it was time to paint the rest of living room walls. Finally. It seems way overdue. I mean, we've only lived here nine months and we spend a lot of time in there.

Also after nine months and this was going to be my sixth room being painted, I was really starting to get the hang of this whole painting thing. I wanted to share some things I've learned thus far.

1. Proper floor cover is essential. I even learned how to get around awkward corners from Ellen, Max's mom. First take a sheet of industrial paper and fold it flush against the wall's surface.

Cut the paper evenly with the wall.

Fold the outlining areas of paper down.

With the middle section of paper, fold it under the main piece creating the "cutout".

Now you have a flush, easy way to paint around a bump out wall.

2. Waiting to put that second/third coat of paint on? Use two plastic store bags to tightly wrap around your roller and keep the moisture of the paint sealed in. This way you don't have to wash the roller in between coats. Only do this if you are going to paint again within a day.

3. Cutting in with a trim brush is way easier than using a rolling trim tool. The one we use from Shur-Line is small to fit easily in your hand. The bristles on the outside edges are beveled so that the paint along the ceiling or wall seams gets in there just perfectly.

I am definitely not a professional by any means but each room does seem to be getting easier to paint. Here you can also tell how awesome Behr's Wheat Bread is going to look when its done...

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