Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hostas Hotness

Today after work, I really got motivated to start tackling some of my replanting of all the hostas in front of the house. It was supposed to rain so I was excited to get a break with the weather. I want to state for the record, I learned I really enjoy digging holes. I don't have any clue where it came from but it was definitely fun!

Massive holes
Max was pretty impressed to come home from work to see me digging away at the lawn. I yelled at him to get a saw and start hacking away at "The Monster". Come to find out, with Max's massive tree knowledge from working on a tree farm he identified that this baby was in fact a tree and not a bush as I previously had thought.

It's a tree!

Go! Go! Gadget saw!

The more he hacked away the more we could tell that not only was this a tree, but the previous owners had it manicured below. Only flaw with their landscaping, they did not kill the roots of the tree, just landscaped right over the top of it. So the tree came back, with a vengeance. Max got it down to just tree stumps, now we just have to figure out a removal process. Add another project to the list!

Bye, Bye Monster!

I plugged away all evening with the plan to align all the green hostas closest to the house and the white and green ones farther in. There are way less of the white ones I found out and will have to buy a couple to fill them in. After about 3 hours of after-work yard work, I now have more even foliage.

Professional digger for hire

Turk checking out the displaced hosta

Final daily work, more even foliage

Random side note: As I was digging, the neighbor dogs ran in our yard. One came up to Turk to get a sniff and looked at him, sniffed and lifted his leg and peed on his face and he just stood there and took it. After he just stood there licking his face as pee dripped off... I can't make this up people...


  1. I wouldn't go buy additional hosta. A lot of times, you can find people on Craigs List who are giving away hosta. Or split some of those yourself. We split a couple two weeks ago and they survived and are thriving!

    We discovered we like digging in the yard too. Its a good way to get rid of the stress from the day.

  2. I split a few. The white and green ones just aren't big enough to split. Epic fail. I will check out Craigslist. I didn't even think about them for plants.


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