Sunday, May 22, 2011

1st of many!

There's going to be some changes around here! This will be the first posting by the co-blogger and co-owner max! Now it's time to hear about the home refurbishment project from another perspective...

Today was the first and possibly only nice day of the year so we decided to spend the whole day doing yard work and getting the outside of the house fixed up. We were up early, we had a chance to plan out what we needed to get done, we had all the tools we needed for once to start getting things done without 5 trips to Lowe's first. I just didn't know where to start...

But here's the short and sweet list of things that we where able to take care of with the help of my girl we where able to get a good start. I was able to get rid of the gross disgusting pool of water that was sitting in front of our house.

It looked kind of like this:

But don't fear it's now nice and I couldn't have done it without the shovel my parents bought me for a house warming gift (thanks Mom and Dad). Add in a few hours of digging, some sweat, and a few more colorful uses of the English language and you wind up with this.

It doesn't look like much and that was kind of the point, but at least there isn't a huge puddle in our front yard that would be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The only draw back is that it's still pretty muddy and you don't really want to go for a stroll through in any times soon.

I also had a chance to tear up a good sized chunk of the front lawn (JOY!) and replace it with some nice bushy plants called hosta. So now our front yard looks a little nicer, but when it comes to plants I really don't care that much.

All in all it was 8 hours of work on the one nicest days of the year, we where able to tear up the extremely overgrown gardens, finally remove the a large dead pine tree from the front yard and pull out a post that was sitting in the middle of our yard for no apparent reason.

The nice thing about working outside today was that all the neighbor's stopped by to talk to us and welcome us to the neighborhood, I had a little trouble with all the well-wishing since I was frickin' tired. But all in all we got to meet all our neighbors and they all offered that if I need any tools to just stop by. We also got to hear about the last guy who owned the house before we moved in and apparently he was a little "strange", I guess that explains the post that was in the middle of our lawn...

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