Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Decor 2011

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to decorate for holidays. Christmas being my favorite (just you wait). I gave you a little preview of some fall decor here, but the big shebang being Halloween.

In all the years Max and I have been on and off dating (five) we've never carved pumpkins together. We decided that in our new house we should finally make it a tradition...

Can you guess which pumpkin is who's?

Mine is the vampire-ish one on the left, Max's is the stitched up guy on the right.

I did some major Goodwill deal hunting since Halloween is their biggest time of the year and scored quite a few gems. I got these brand new with tags still on Target wreath (tag $19.99, Goodwill $9.99) and wreath holder (tag $9.99, Goodwill $2.99).

This bewitching lady was a Dollar Tree find $1. Turk hates her by the way. Anytime the wind blows and she moves, he freaks out and starts barking. Hilarious!

We used our humpy landscaping to our advantage. Since the lawn was messed up before we bought the house (the previous owners fixed the water main and we haven't gotten a chance to regrade the yard yet), we took the two giant humps and created a mini graveyard. I got two headstones, a severed leg and six fence pieces for a total of $9 all from the Dollar Tree.

A fun surprise is this guy my mom got me as a housewarming gift, is still living and sprouting new blooms. Amazing!

Moving inside the house, I have talked a little bit about my fall decor already but I have made a few additions. One being my skull from Dollar Tree which turned out to be $0.25. Couldn't believe it!

The ghost and ravens with the pumpkin cutout was a Goodwill find for $3.99.

Because of the October issue of Better Homes & Gardens, I got a little obsessed with white pumpkins. At our local Pick 'N Save, we found a bag of six mini pumpkins for $6.99. I knew I couldn't pass them up. A few along our TV with a few fake leaves makes an unexpected fall punch.

Our eat-in kitchen table has a spooky cloth that was supposed to be for a door drape, I created a table runner by running it corner to corner across the table. Couple of candles and pumpkins and it makes a nice centerpiece. The candles and cloth were Dollar Tree finds.

This little shadow witch lantern was a Goodwill find for $2.99.

Showing off my newly painted dining room walls are a few jack-o-lantern candles, courtesy of Goodwill $3.99.

And wishing everyone the very happiest Halloween is a banner I got from Target for $2.50.

Next year, I plan to make more of the decorations but with this bathrooms both being remodeled this fall, I just felt it was a little too much to squeeze in. I can't wait to hand out candy to all the little kiddies this weekend for the first time in my life. What are your favorite parts of Halloween? Decorations? Dressing up? Food? Candy? If you haven't already noticed, I love anything food or drink pumpkin!

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