Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Enough for Mario

We know when we are outmatched and need to call in a professional to do some work for us. After all the demo in the bathroom, we thought that replacing the tub would be a piece of cake for Joe the Plummer. Until he told us we had cask iron pipes which were wayyyyyyyyy outdated and needed to be replaced for the modernization of our home. And then he said he would need to return with another plummer to get the job done. That's when I realized Joe wasn't a Joe at all, but they were actually a Mario and Luigi team.

Two men to fix all our pipe work and install our tub! Horray! No more complaining of tub grossness like here. They both showed up and (from what Max told me since I was at work) worked from 8am-5pm straight to get everything done.

Here were our before photos of the tub and the giant cask iron pipe in the basement.

Here are the glorious after shots.

This is our new Peerless tub and surround. They also mixed (putting the hot and cold lines on one handle) our water and put our new faucet hardware on for us. Everything is now also on copper piping behind the wall.

Here are the new pipes for the sink and toilets for both our main bathroom and half bathroom since they share that wall.

This is the new hole for the toilet. We are waiting to install both the sink and toilet until we have the flooring and walls finished to make things easier for installation.

Here in the basement are the new PVC pipes they installed. The two lines going up go to the two toilets. The skinny one coming off the left and going farther down is the tub to allow proper drainage of the water.

Our two man plummer team did good!

Although we haven't gotten the bill yet, we are certain with these unplanned updates we went over our $3000 budget for the bathroom. On the plus side, our home is now modernized which ups the resale value, our tub will properly drain now (it was having severe issues before), both bathrooms will be included in the bill and we shouldn't have any problems in the future.

What sort of unexpected expenses did you have in your renovations?! Old pipes like us? Nasty stud walls? Support beams you didn't know about? Just had no idea where to start? Let us know!

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Note: Mario and Luigi photo from here.

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