Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living With The Mess

Many of us have done renovations and remodels at sometime. Sometimes it's a few hours, days or even a couple of weeks. After talking to my mom, she said she had to wash our dishes in the bathtub when we were remodeling the kitchen when I was a kid (I have no recollection of this).

With the bathroom(s) slightly out of commission, right now we have no mounted mirror in our house at all. We are leaning a mirror up against the kitchen sink to do our daily routines. With all the extra dust in the air, Max and I are breaking out like we are teenagers. No disrespect to teens, but I'm sure they are reading a home blog anyways.

This is how we are showering:

DISCLAIMER: If you can't stand the sight of unsightly bathrooms, drywall or someone who is not model fit, please do not watch this video. If you can stand a good laugh, please proceed. Also, I usually don't talk that slow, no clue why I was for this video.

What sorts of "inconveniences" have you had to go through to get your dream house?

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  1. Woah! That's a shower-tastrophe!

    I think the worst I have ever gone through is trying to wash dishes and make coffee in a small bathroom when we were renovating a kitchen once upon a time.

    Good luck and I wish you speedy work!!


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