Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joe the Plummer Come Back!

Okay so Joe is not his name, but we did have a plummer come out to our house for the bathroom.

Friday morning the plummer came to install our tub and to "mix" our water since we are still operating on a two handle system.We figure sometimes we aren't pros and when doing a bathroom update, you want to do it right.

The plummer shows up and we give him the run down of what we were looking to do. Then he asks to see the basement...

He finds out we have cask iron pipes which have not been updated since the house was built and currently are not to code which is now PVC piping. Also the way the house is currently piped, it is not draining properly. Definitely knew that one but thought it was just hair, ha! It's not always the woman clogging the drains! Another thing was the cask iron has cracked and resealed itself over the years making it corrode. Remember this photo?

Well all that brown on the pipe is rust from the corrosion. 

The plummer gave us the option to keep the cask iron and he could reroute the water but it wouldn't solve our drainage problem or come back with a second guy and redo the whole thing at a later time. At that point we decided it would definitely be better in the long run to redo the pluming and make the house up to code. So much for staying within budget here! We went from a bathroom update to a full bathroom remodel. We knew that there would be some updates, but eesh! Good thing we got the house for such a good deal.
That being said, the plummer said he would have to come back Thursday for the two man job. So we get another week with a partial shower. Great!

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