Monday, September 5, 2011

Pinspiration Wreath

The weather this week really started to feel like fall. With that I was feeling crafty. Knowing crafts haven't always been my strong suit, I used a little bit of Pinspiration from an earlier football post to get this crafting party started.

I was inspired by this wreath from Etsy shop Itz Fitz!:

Source: via Maureen on Pinterest

Now I have never made a wreath before so I figured if I screwed this up I would only be out a few dollars.

I only needed a few supplies; a wreath base, felt and yarn.

I started by interlacing a few strands of yarn through the wreath base and tying the ends together to form a hanger. I double it up for strength

I then tied one of ends of the yarn ball inside of wreath base securing my start. Then I began to wrap the wreath keeping the ends tight and close but not too tight where there would be a ton of tension. This went on  for hours.

The whole time I was wrapping, Turk took an hour and a half nap on my flip flop. Hey, seems like a good pillow right?

This was the wreath after two and a half hours.

It took three and a half total to get it fully wrapped. My patience was wearing a little thin at this point.

Finally, I moved on to decorating. The design called for felt flowers so I used online tutorials from here and here for a rose and a peony. Super easy considering I've never made anything like that before and now can apply the technique to many other things other than wreaths.

The next step in my Packer wreath was the logo. I Google imaged the logo and printed off the basic styling. Using three steps, I traced each part of the logo on to the appropriate felt color. After each step cutting that color away from the logo.

I then was left with this. To make the logo sturdier, I cut a piece of recycled cardboard and glued it to the back.

All the pieces were then just attached with a hot glue gun. Simple, minus the time consuming yarn wrapping process.

Here are the results:

Looks very nice with my snazzy wreath hanger I found on clearance at Pier 1 for $2.88. The wreath is a little thinner than the photo. Going further and learning from the process I would use a wider base wreath if I was wrapping it with yarn again or forgoing the process all together and just gluing the flowers directly on.

Here it looks with my end of summer dying flowers. I blurred out our house numbers just because I know you all want to stalk us. *winky face

Project cost:

Wreath base: $1 (Dollar Tree)
Yarn: $2.89 (JoAnn Fabrics)
Felt: $1.36, used four at $0.34 a piece (JoAnn Fabrics)

Total Cost:  $5.25

What have you been inspired to do this summer? What team/season do you have to make wreaths for?

Note: I watched the entire second season of The League on Hulu while doing this project. It took awhile...


  1. Oh now you opened up the can of worms! I'm stalking you on pinterest now too. I've been scrolling through the pictures on your blog. You have a beautiful home! I love the hardwood floors and all of the improvements you have been making. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
    ~Tiffany B.


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