Thursday, August 25, 2011

Football Fever

After the lock out had us all scared, its finally football season! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love NFL! That being said I have my fantasy football league waiting for the draft and already have been to first preseason game. Yes that's right, "Go! Pack! Go!"

Before I give you game day highlights of my Green Bay trip, a little Pintrest love to get ready for those football parties this fall. 


I love the little planted grass centerpieces, the AstroTurf cutout coasters and the beer glasses with the players numbers attached.

This is from a birthday party but I love the chalkboard with the plays on it.

Everyone loves a nice wreath! Football is definitely a holiday season!

Source: via Maureen on Pinterest

A loaded baked potato bar means everyone gets something special.

Can't wait for your own party now? I can't blame you!

Onward to Green Bay for the Packers vs. the Arizona Cardinals. My friend Grace every year has a "guy" she gets tickets from and this year his other patrons dropped out giving her four tickets for the price two. Pretty sweet. So a few of us ladies headed up to GB to honor our Packers.

Here I am in front of a giant replica of the Super Bowl XXL trophy.

A group shot of all of us at a Packer tailgate. P.S. They let you bring your own beer.

Grace and I met his Holiness, St. Vince. If you don't know who he is, he's basically one of the most famous Packer fans. I happily paid my respects.

Game time and the stands were filled, for a PRE-season game. Got to love Wisconsin sports. Take note of our goal line seats!

And a fun treat... I have never seen a better wave at any stadium than at Lambeau Field. This clip is almost three minutes long of just a wave. GO PACK GO!

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  1. Visiting a sister - great tips on the baked potato bar - I think I may "borrow" that idea!


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