Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So I've Been Lazy

I want to say that I've got so much more done on the house, but I'd totally be lying. I started this painting project over a month ago and am currently waiting for part to finish drying to put the final touches on it. While I wait, I wanted to give you a preview of what I have been neglecting.

So remember my free paint from Glidden here? Well it arrived probably 4 days after I had filled out the form online (which is awesome on their part) and I clearly underestimated the size of a pint of paint. A pint is perfect for painting furniture, abstract art or an accent wall! I still want to paint the dining room a rich blue color and knock out the (shabby) drywalled partition between the living room and dining room (seen below). But the question, how was I going to tie the two rooms together.

The accent wall was the perfect solution! So taking my freebie paint I decided to tackle an accent wall in the living room with the plans to color match the dining room later.

Here is the accent wall being painted "Cobalt Blue" which is a shade darker than the annoying fish half-bath from before (now fish less).

Just for fun, this is the other side of the room. Guitar Hero anyone? I know what you are thinking, "What is this, 2007?"

Before I could paint of course, I had to fill in hole marks from the previous owners. I have never Spackled in my life before so I was happy to use Dry Dex since it was more like "Spackle for Dummies". Pretty basic stuff, goes on pink when wet and dries white. The hardest part was scrapping the excess off evenly.

My lovely assistant was no help and decided to take a nap. I suppose he does need 18 hours of sleep a day...

A little sanding and I was on my way to the priming and paint...

So long story short, this project then sat for almost a month with all the out of town adventures we had. Apparently I felt the watching of many Netflix TV shows was much more important after work as well.

On a sad note, our roomie Scott is moving out after life handed him a different path. He will be missed!

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