Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyone loves a GIRLS WEEKEND!

Our my second weekend at the cabin was the first annual Anderson (and future Anderson women) Mother/Daughter Weekend. Max's mom Ellen invited her daughter and granddaughter and all in-laws (including future) and their mothers. Still with me? Basically eight crazy ladies for fun and sun at the cabin.

Max stayed home with Mark for a man play date on our house, but more to come from him about that.

My mom was a little hesitant about the whole weekend at first since she had only met Ellen once before and hadn't met any of the other ladies. I reassured her that everything would be fine and that she would have a blast. Since Max didn't want him around for the dry walling that was going to take place back at home, I loaded up Turk (he was the only male for the weekend) and we were off for the north woods.

The food was great. The company was superb. And little Claire learned my name and Turk is now "Woof Woof".
Photo by neighbor Gary (last name?)
I would also like to state for the record how much my mom and I look alike. Never noticed it as much before but the older I get, the more it is very apparent. It's crazy!

On the way to take my mom back home, we stopped to do a little antiquing at the most adorable store, Red Hen Antiques in Necedah, WI. I was seriously impressed with the condition of the items and the variety that they had. Mom found a birdcage that she has been searching for $18. I was shocked at the price. Such a deal! The same birdcage in Milwaukee would go for three times that much.

I almost left the store without anything. Then as we were leaving my mom noticed two garden figurines that were perfect for our house. The last couple of weeks I have been watching the History Channel's America: The Story of Us on Netflix and it made me chuckle when they said the United States' greatest invention: the Suburbs. We have a super boom house that was built in the 1950s, as probably many of you do. That being said, look at my new planters!

The "Mr. & Mrs." from the 1950s themselves greeting everyone to our home. They were very reasonably priced $23.50 for the lady and $22.50 for the man. The store owner called them the "Packer People" because of their colors and said that his wife decided the woman should be more since she does more work. So true.

Now my 1950s house has some 50s flair. I was really inspired by these two and might incorporate some more 50s in my kitchen...

What hidden gems have you found antiquing? What great story did the piece have?

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