Wednesday, August 17, 2011

See Ya In IKEA

With the construction continuing and the small expenses piling, I was really was getting antsy to start to decorate this place! I have been very adamant about not decorating the walls until we get them painted to make sure we can Spackle up old holes first before I start to make new ones. That being said, who says you can't ready for the prettiness when the time comes?

Saturday my friend Tiffany and I made the trek down to Schaumburg, IL to the nearest IKEA to get some of those little cute purchases. The major purchases being bedding for our guest bedroom that we are currently working on since it awesome to have beds with no bedding.

I know many of you may not think a trip to IKEA is a post worthy trip but the fact I had to drive over two hours to get there makes it so.

Tiffany and I also decided this is our dream kitchen. We both walked by, heard a heavenly "ahhh" and the cell phone cameras went up. Quite fab, I know.

The craziest part of the trip was the ride back to Wisconsin. I'm sure many of you heard of the storm that where many people died from fallen scaffolding at a concert at the Indiana State Fair. Well we were driving in that storm home from Chicago before it hit the fair. We were just getting our car to load it and it began to rain and hail. The sky was a very dark gray. We literally just were chucking things in and then we "Duke's of Hazzarded" it in to the car. OK not quite through the window but with that sort of excitement. The next hour was literally us getting pelted by hail and only seeing the about 40 feet ahead of us. Neither of us being from Chicago were just clutching our smart phones for navigation since we couldn't see the signs until we were right on top of them. Right before we hit the state line the rain let up (because Wisco is better and God agrees, obviously).

I'll show you most of my finds when the time is right but here is a little taste. Time to start layering in some fun!

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