Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Living Room Accent Wall Revealed

It's partial reveal time! Horray!

With my design background I have never been scared of color. That being said I also knew that I could possibly go overboard if I didn't have some boundaries for myself. In the living room, I wanted the room to have a feel of action but also a place to relax. Doing this would take a little bit restraint no to go crazy. I was inspired by this Pintrest from HGTV, a mostly neutral room with an accent wall of color.

Source: via Maureen on Pinterest

Using Glidden's Color Palette option, I did a little bit of color exploring. I knew I wanted a blue dining room but also knew that when I knocked out the partition wall the two rooms would need something to tie them together. That brought me to a matching accent wall. I already had the free paint from Glidden's giveaway so I was good to go.

I know what you are thinking, "Alright! Just show us already!"

Voilà! The living room accent wall. I finally incorporated some gold lamps that we already owned to give the room a more neutral feel with better night lighting. A project down the road will be giving them a fresh coat of paint and new shades.

Here is another view with just the lamps.

For this past Christmas, I received/chose these curtains as a gift from my mother knowing that I wanted them to be shown against a bright color to bring out their opaqueiness. They look gorgeous here.

The rest of the walls in the living room I plan to paint a light beige color (to yet be determined) that is a little darker than the curtains.

Cost of this update thus far:

Curtains (gift) - $0
Paint (online freebie) - $0
Lamps (already owned) - $0
White trim paint (already owned) - $0
Curtain rod (already owned) - $0


Here is a growing list of we need to do yet to the room:

- Knock out and fix partitioning wall between dining room
- Paint the rest of the walls the TBD beige paint color
- Fix-up and/or paint shelving units
- Add art work
- Incorporate some sort of house plant
- Get all carpets professionally cleaned
- Add area rug to room for balance (chevron maybe?)
- Paint or replace the rest of the trim
- Add fun throw pillows to room (orange maybe?)
- Add a few fun accent pieces
- Arrange shelving units visually
- Add fun side tables

Man looking at that list looks exhausting! Oh well, all in good fun!

How have you incorporated color without going color crazy?! If you have, how did you tone it down?

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