Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blank Bathroom Canvas

So to start the process of redecorating now that we have all the hard stuff done, I wanted to give you a chance to see our bathroom as a blank canvas ready to be created...I feel like I'm gessoing canvases in my college painting class. For you non-artsy types who nothing about paint and/or gesso, gesso is the white coating that gets applied to raw canvas to make the paint stick better. That's the reason when you buy canvas at your local art store, its usually white, its already has gesso. There is your art lesson of the day.

This has been our transformation, thus far. Out with the old...

And in with the new!

Here is the closet sans door. I wanted to do open shelving to give the tiny space a more open feel. Here you can see the shelving planks ready for new tops.

Here is the back wall just waiting for color. Here is the taped down paper covering the gorgeous floor.

We wanted to replace the lighting after/during painting to make for a seamless transition. The hard part is since we are doing most of the updates after work and on the weekends, we have to replace the light when there is natural light available for us, mostly on the weekend.

Above the shower with the new Delta shower head.

The only issue with priming and texturing the walls was the dangling light fixture we had to have while working. It left a tiny area where we couldn't apply the primer right away. After the primer was finished drying, I carefully moved the fixture, a few inches over. Then using the very scientific tool, called my finger, dabbed the area until it was covered.

Now we are ready to start redecorating. Can you hold in your excitement?! How did you feel when you got to a certain point in a project? Completely relief?

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