Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Put the Wall Back Together Again

Now that the tub was finally in, we could move forward with putting the wall back in. Mr. Fix-It Mark came after work one night (really Mark, you are a life saver) to help Max install the drywall that I have a hard time lifting.

With the new plumbing now in place, the first needed to measure out where the pipes needed to go and holes for the electrical boxes. They started by measuring from the floor up and far wall in to get the specific spot where they needed to cut the drywall. That way the measurements would be correct with the drywall sitting on the floor.

They then carefully marked the piece of drywall with a pencil on where they needed to cut to get the right spot. (Again sorry for the cell phone photos, sometimes I misplace the camera with our house being so disheveled all the time.)

They carefully installed the piece (that fit perfectly, great job guys). 

And look above...notice anything new?

The day they installed the drywall was Max's 28th birthday! To him it wasn't really much of a birthday, but he really wants his bathroom back. He did although get some pretty sweet presents from his 'rents to help him in future home repairs. The drill with the fancy light on it above was one of them. 

The cordless drill is a new Master Mechanic that has two rechargeable batteries. Perfect for all those quick fixes.

The other goodies they gave him were all used but in prefect working order. They gave him a Black and Decker drill press and a Craftsman circular saw.

And a Tool Shop jigsaw.

The Swiderski family (Molly, Ryan and Claire) also gave him a $40 gift card to Lowe's to help with our repairs (sad news folks, the Lowe's next to us was closed by corporate for not making high enough, more Menards trips now).

I did very little work on this day for the house other than clean and mow the lawn, but I did make for Max's birthday a Surf and Turf feast; grilled steak, honey grilled shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes and farm fresh steamed green beans with lemon juice and olive oil.

Happy birthday Max!

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