Monday, October 10, 2011

Fine Edging

With all the exhausting work we are pumping into the house (I can't wait to shower and pee in the same room), I needed a quick and easy fix just to keep my spirits up. On another one of my crazy Goodwill deal shopping days, I came across these beauties; three boxes of plastic landscaping tiles. Each box was $6.99 down from their original price of $16.99.

(I apologize for the poor photo quality since these were taken on my Android).

The weather this week was crazily unseasonably warm, almost all days 75-80°, which is almost 20° warmer than normal for this time of year. I had to take advantage and be outside for a bit.

This project was quite easy. The assembly was to take a shovel and make a "V" or just a slice as I seemed to take their diagram and pull the shovel out. My soil was a little wet still so part of it came out as I withdrew the shovel. 

The next step was to take the staked part of the plastic tile and place it in the "V" while keeping close to the edge of where you want to feature the tile. When placing the next tile, you overlap the tiles in the groove on the left. The tiles lock into place giving them a seamless look.

The only major problem I had is I underestimated how many tiles this project was going to take. I had 18' from the three boxes. I probably have at least another 15' to go.

But all and all, it was a very nice easy project that took about 15 minutes to install, start to finish.

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