Sunday, June 26, 2011

Issues Issues Issues

This past week, Milwaukee has had rain for four days straight. So much rain, that already by Wednesday we were getting flood warnings for the entire county since the ground was so saturated. Part of me was happy. I could get out of watering my new garden for a few days.

We were always a little leery about what would happen on a week like this one. When we bought the house we noticed the rain gutters were positioned directly into the ground with no apparent exit for drainage. This could lead to problems such as sink holes and basement flooding. We had planned on putting in a rain barrel to collect for my plants and redirect the other spouts out with a rain garden of deeply rooted wild flowers.

We apparently did not to our project fast enough. Now we have water leaking into the basement. It didn't flood (thank God), but there was definite seepage coming through here. Like that water stain? Not so much...

The second issue of the week was discovered at the same time. Max was checking out the sump pump's action and discovering the basement leak when he noticed something else. He called me to the basement and told me there was a pipe leaking and that water was shooting out of it. He thought it had to do with the torrential downpour from outside. I told him I had just used the bathroom and flushed the toilet. So he just witnessed pee water flowing over and we have a leaky toilet. Ish... We plan on replacing the entire bathroom anyways so this will get fixed hopefully within the next month.

We have resorted to only using the fish bathroom to use the restroom. Which is equally bad and there is no back to the toilet. Yes!

The last problem came up unexpectedly. I made Max a deal that I would stop complaining about his mowing techniques if I couldn't do a better job at it. I hadn't mowed the lawn up to this point so he was more than happy to have a win-win situation for him. On one had he doesn't have to mow, the second if I do worse, he doesn't get complaining anymore.

So I decided to weed the flower beds in front of the house first so I could just run over them with the mower. Someone please remind me next year how much weeding sucks and I need to lay down weed sheets before I landscape. Thanks!

My Hosta that I split here, I'm pretty sure are mutants. Even after the splitting, they still look like this. And this is after I cut a ton of growth from the bottom to give my flowers some more sunlight since they were getting choked out. To give a little perspective, look at how tiny they make the flower basket look on the right. Anyone else have mutants? Remember I was thinking of buying addition plants! Oof dah! 

So after my tutorial on how to use our relatively simple mower, I felt confident enough to take on this jungle. I start it up fine and begin to try and circle the edges of the house first. I get about a third of the way around the house (yeah, not far) and the mower just stops. I knew I wasn't out of gas since I filled it before I started but I thought maybe I had filled it too full and now the engine was flooded. I waited a bit and tried to restart. No such luck. After a few more tries (and a few colorful words), I called Max for reinforcement.

He also couldn't get it to start. Our neighbor Mike, who is a mechanic, came over to check it out. They checked out the spark plugs for flooding. It wasn't that.

I called my Dad since he knows some things about engines. He was lost.

So we had to make the unbearable call back to Sears, again. The mower had already broken once here and we were really starting to get frustrated with it. It was brand new! We had just got it on Mother's Day as a housewarming gift! The last fix was an engine component had broke and was replaced. Max talked to three different locations. One told us we could exchange the mower at the location we bought it. That location told us they couldn't do that and that we had to take it back to the repair location. The repair location was just fed up. So Max told them that our homeowner's association had already complained about our crappy looking lawn (we don't have a homeowner's association) and we at least had to have some sort of mower while they repair this one, again.

Talk about frustration.

What sorts of issues are you having with your homes?

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