Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cabinets Completed

You might remember from here that to get the refrigerator to fit in its allotted space we either had to take the cabinets out or modify them. Max's dad was convinced we must have the cabinet and took it upon himself to modify it. Hey, we like to do stuff ourselves but are not going to turn down free help.

We got a call that Mr. Fix-It Mark was finished with the woodwork on the cabinet. Thursday evening, Mark and Ellen showed up to re install the cabinets. When I returned home from work they were already hard at work getting things together to be installed. Max and Mark worked diligently while Ellen and myself "supervised" (ha). Overall it was a fast installation and there were no major issues.

If you can tell, there is a slight difference in the door height but since it is over the refrigerator, no one really notice a change. Good work Mark!

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