Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally OUR Fridge!

As you may recall from here, we received the wrong refrigerator with the handles on the left side, making it very difficult to access food while we were cooking. Our kitchen is laid out in an atypical way so the handle had to be mounted on the right side. Thursday Lowe's finally delivered our custom-made Frigidaire. I couldn't have been happier with the results (yes, I get excited over the little things).

Here we are loading our new bad-boy. Check out my great Price Is Right model impression (also don't mind the mismatched Old Navy sleep pants, Star Wars shirt and fleece my friend Grace left).

So here is our kitchen now. I'm sure you are wondering where the new old stools came from. When Scott's parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago then mentioned  that we could go "shopping" in their basement for whatever and said they had some almost new stools if we would like to upgrade from the chairs we were using. At this point, we are not about to turn down freebies to make the house more livable. They are a little high right now for the counter top but we can work with that. I'm also not wild about the wood but it matches the current kitchen cabinets. Updating them might be a project down the road.

Also note something in the far left corner.

Current kitchen with new refridgerator

Current kitchen
 Max gave me flowers for no reason! I know right?! Men, if you are reading this, women love flowers. Period. No matter how long you have been with her (just started dating, known each other a few years, married for 37 years) we always love the surprise. Even if they told you they don't, surprise them one day for no reason and they will melt. Guaranteed.


  1. Aww, pretty flowers! And you get to keep those stools?! Definitely workable! Would look great cut down a little on the legs (to make them lower) and maybe painted white!

    See you tomorrow! :)

  2. I don't know if you guys noticed this, probably, but there is no vent hood over your stove.... isn't that a problem at all?

  3. There is a vent on the back of the stove, it isn't the greatest but it works.

  4. Nice fridge!

    How do you like the cooktop on the island? (I can't tell if it's a range or if you have a wall oven?)...we are considering a cooktop for our place.

  5. Kara-

    I'm still getting used to it honestly. It's a gas range with the stove below. I think when we upgrade/have kids, I want to get one that has a cool-touch top just so if the kids get on the counter they won't burn themselves.


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