Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Turk!

Sunday was a big day since it was two family birthday's, my Dad's 58th (again, happy birthday Dad!) and my dog's 2nd. I couldn't spend it with my father so I gave my dog the best birthday ever (yet).

We started with a morning trip Turk's favorite off-dog park, Katherine K. Carpenter Dog Park in Mequon, WI. It's a few miles from our house with about a square mile of wooded trails, a creek and an open run area. He loves it for all the trails and local pedigree babes (ooo la la) to sniff. We love it for all the wooded area and we can leave him off the leash. He found a few new friends and a couple of familiar faces.

The local watering hole

Turk with Dad
This little Scottie came up and gave me a kiss before giving Turk one. Puppy kisses, cue the "aww".

"Lay one on me!"

The whole day wasn't just doggie fun. We decided to get a little work done as well. Remember when I mentioned we could get free mulch here? The site was just down the road from us so we lined the inside of our CR-V with garbage bags and packing tape and headed off with the shovel.

This is what we faced when we got there. Need mulch or wood chips? I don't think they are going to run out any time soon. This was only half of the pile.

The mulching added a new dimension and my plants are already responding better by having extra water. Horray!

So back to Turk's birthday. In between a second load of mulch run, I decided to make him a birthday cake. I found this recipe for dog birthday cake with cinnamon frosting. It turned out pretty good and smelled delicious, even at our standards (most humans at the party tried a little bite just to see and it was alright, just a bland carrot cake).

Now I know what you are thinking, he had no candles! I forgot them. Oops! He took no time to be a good dog and lay down for his cake.

Which in turn, he inhaled.

And then went over to his friend Jack's cake to eat it as well. Overall, puppy party a success! 

P.S. Remember are awesome new lawnmower I told you about here?? It broke! Something with the engine? So we also had to take that back to Sears (yay manufacturer's warrantys) and now wait for 2 weeks while our lawn overgrows. Boo... Can anyone lend us their mower?

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