Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Curtain Call

Even though I spend a good share of my time at home in this room its probably the least neglected when it comes to blog time (minus the painting snafoo), our guest room/office. 

Max had come to learn that at any given time, I can be between 5-10 different projects. All going on simultaneously. He hates it! I'll buy something for a project I know I will do later, but need to finish something else before it. Or start a project but can't finish it until something else is finished. This was one of those projects.

When our old roomie, Scott, moved in, he donated to the house window coverings for this room. He let me pick them out and everything. Trying not to break his bank, I chose some simple curtains from Target and basic rods. Total cost around $30 for two rods and two panels. Then I decided I didn't want to hang them until the walls were painted. That tends to be my thing. So then they sat in the closet for many, many months.

Finally, we resurrected them out to be hung. Using the pre-drilled holes from the previous owner, we added the drywall stud starters to attach the brackets.

A couple of times, we had to re-drill the holes where the paint had covered them up.

Max easily attached the brackets and we were good to go.

Or so I thought. One panel per window was definitely not enough. They look disproportional and just odd. So I went back to Target to buy two more at $10 each. Only problem, since I waited so long to actually put them up, those panels were discontinued! I went  to Target online and found the same pattern from their Target Home line in a two pack (thank God) and gobbled them up before those were discontinued as well (now discontinued).

I found out from multiple decorating websites we should have hung the curtains higher to draw attention up and to make the room look larger. Maybe the next time...

Also looking at the curtains, I'm not fully satisfied with the way they look with the light beige comforter. Maybe a future project is to hand paint a design on them. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Final product.

Now that I mention it, I haven't really gave an update on this room for awhile so here it goes...

The reversible twin comforter is Ikea's Karit in light beige for $30.

The pillows are as follows: Ikea Alvine Gava plus insert $8, Walmart Better Homes and Gardens $8 on clearance (no long available) and light blue patterned pillow Goodwill $4.

Yay, for orb dust lights.

And if you were curious about the artwork on the dresser, it was a gift from my mom and dad from their 30th wedding anniversary trip to San Francisco. It is a colored pencil drawing of the city's landmarks by Karin Diesn, a local artist.

Now we start getting some art on the walls and this will really start looking lived in!

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