Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best of Milwaukee?!

Well the votes are in! You voted us "Best Personal Blog" in the Shepherd Express's 2nd Annual Best of the Milwaukee Web Awards. We feel so honored! This blog isn't even a year old yet. They talk about that a little in the article that there were some that were not even around when the last awards were around (that would totally be me...)

Max and I did not attend the award party yesterday at The Wherehouse (which makes me sad since I've heard the space is amazing) because I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out. Long story short, I'm now not getting them out until next month (ugh) and I could have gone to the party. Today, I sort of forgot we were up for the award and just shot over to their website on a whim. The winners were posted and I was blown away. We won!

I really am completely shocked and forever grateful. I guess I will have to post more often now to keep my "new" fans interested. Anyone coming in, thanks for swinging on by. We are a little blog about DIY home repairs and the headaches fun that comes with it. Check out our "Open House" to get the whole story about our home.

Thanks again for the award. I'll promise to do my best not to disappoint and keep up the good work. You promise to keep reading.

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