Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Realtors Home And Garden Show

It may just be his job, or the fact he is a super, awesome individual, but our buyer's agent Jeremy Rynders strikes again. When we finally signed the last of the papers to move in, he got us all new door knobs and keys. For the holidays, he sent us a year's subscription to The Family Handyman, a DIY magazine, which Max loves. Then a few weeks ago, we get free tickets to the Realtors® Home and Garden Show here in Milwaukee. The man is awesome! How did he know we were thinking garden upgrades...psychic powers I assume. ;)

My cousin Brian and his wife Megan, who also recently bought a house this November, called up and said they also got free tickets (ok so it might be a "recently bought home" sort of thing, but oh well) and asked us if we wanted to go together. So off to State Fair Park we went.

I was really overwhelmed and jealous by the beauty of some of the patios they had.

Here is a corner pergola over a little corner patio. I'm looking at you, Mr. Fix-It-Mark to tell Max we need one of these over our future patio. Doesn't it just look so cute and quaint. And also functional! The little open air pergola's really cool down a patio with simple shade.

Although not the most functional, this fountain with coy pond was quite cool. Coy pond in Wisconsin? *shrugs

This was a simple solution I think pretty much anyone could do. Hang mason jars with twine from an overhang area. Use pond sea weed (does anyone know the technical term, is it algae?), add water and flowers. Easy decor.

I also found this free-hanging trellis to be very cool. You could easy have flowers or ivy go up and over your pergola that way in a super decorative way. This is by Exteriors Unlimited.

One of my favorite displays (surprise, surprise) was from Stein's Gardens and Gifts. They showed many of the new trendy plants for gardening with the names so you could actually purchase them and not just admire like many other booths had. 

This little pink number called Kalanchoe which are apparently succulent flowering plants. Pretty sweet combining pretty flowers with the trendiness of the succulents.

When doing outdoor spaces you can't forget the little touches like this owl. 

Maybe more of a little tweeting bird fan? I also love the flowers they paired here, Cyclamen.

Another favorite for ground cover and garden filler Fox Red Curly Sedge for some grasses. 

A main feature from the event was 3-D chalk art from artist, Julie Kirk-Purcell. Not gonna lie, quite impressive.

I loved the wrought iron chandelier with the long wax candles for outdoors in this display. Unfortunately, the lady manning the booth was really standoffish so I didn't talk to her. I loved the display though. Note to self: If at a home show and you are the vendor, talking to potential customers draws in business... just a thought.

Some stand out services that interested us, both as home DIYers but also just in general for you our readers.

1. Brigheter Concepts, Ltd.
This company specializes in Solartubes®. Max is obsessed with them and wants to put one with a vent fan in our bathroom above the shower. It gives all the natural light we would need in the space.

2. Haack Architectural Sales LLC
This company specializes in Euroshield®, an environmentally friendly rubber roofing material that really caught my eye. The rubber roofs are at least 95% recycled material, mostly old tires, are much more weather resistant and last 4 times longer than traditional asphalt roofs. Sounds win, win to me.

3. Granicrete Wisconsin
The company specializes in concrete solutions that look and feel like granite or marble, without the cost or the physical weight. This really excited me because they can take laminate counter tops like ours, coat them in a 1/8" concrete layer and then their special coating to give it a granite look without the granite weight. Our old house cannot support such a load.

4. Stein's Gardens and Gifts
Their landscaping design program is amazing. Average price of design service is $300 and you get a $300 plant credit. Can your really beat that? You are buying the plants anyways. Might as well get the professional design service to go with it.

5. Terra Latch
I couldn't find the company name but the product is called the Terra Latch. It is a small plastic clip that allows you to attach terra-cotta pots to pretty much anything you want; fence, deck, side of the house, you name it! I thought it was amazing. If you Google them the product pops right up to order. Average price $5.95.

What was your favorite part of the show? Any of my photos or vendor recommendations inspire you?

I'm in no way affiliated with any of these companies or the Realtors® Home and Garden Show, these are all just observations of their services and my thoughts.


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    1. All the info I have is from my experience of the show. Nothing more, nothing less. I talked to vendors, picked up flyers and checked out company websites after I returned home. Let me know if you would like more information about anything. I'll try to help as much as possible.


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