Sunday, April 8, 2012

Collecting All Of The Entertainment Essentials

Guest post written by Kelly Andrews

Gone are the days when I can buy Solo cups, paper plates and plastic utensils for all of my entertaining needs. It just isn't going to work out that way any longer. So instead I'm working on getting together all the big girl entertaining essentials that will keep me stocked and ready for when some friends are coming over to watch a cheesy red box movie at the last minute. Now I'm not investing in china, that's what people get married for! I'm working on the entertaining essentials.

But first I really had to try and figure out what the essentials were. As I was looking online for some entertaining serving ware I saw something on new window installation and got really excited because I could really use some help with that. The window in my kitchen is so awful and something needs to be done about it. So that's what's going to happen.

I read somewhere that lacquer trays are really popular right now, so I thought that would be the perfect little serving utensil for me to use. So that's one thing that I know I'm going to purchase.

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