Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bathroom - Bringing It All Together

The plumber came. He conquered. Sort of... We have two sinks and a toilet.

The story behind the "sort of" was he had to come back on two separate occasions. The first day he was supposed to install all these things for us and then we would be done with the plumbing. Max and I left him to make his magic while we were off at work. That day I got sick at work with the flu (funny part was I was scheduled for my flu shot a couple days later) and came home early. I planned to see either a working plumber or already installed fixtures. To my surprise, I came home to only an installed toilet. The garage door was still open so I thought maybe he had to run out to get something or was at lunch. Not so much. He never came back that day.

After three calls and two emails, we still couldn't figure out why he did not finish the job. We did get him to come back though. Luckily, this time he came on my day off and I could ask what was up!

The plumber explained that when he was there before while the walls were down, he told Max that he was going to need to move the lights in both bathrooms to line up with the new up-to-code plumbing which is 15" from the wall and other plumbing areas. Neither of us recall this statement. Max can be forgetful/absentminded but I remember details. This guy did not tell us that.

Anyways, we will need to move the light fixtures at a later time or replace them with some sort of a fixture that swings. I told him just install the sinks and we'll worry about the lights later. So he did. Finally.

Let's start with the half bath first. We installed a basic pedestal sink from Menards, the Torino Pedestal Lavatory 4" Faucet Center. The whole shebang for $59. Not too shabby.

We reused the chrome finished faucet from the main bathroom because it was quite new and the faucet did not need to match anything else in this bathroom. Quite shiny, you'd swear it was new!

See how the light fixture does't match up...ugh. We'll figure it out.

This give you a little taste of what it will look like with the upgraded college mirror on the wall. We just need to get some frame wire for it.

Onward to the main event! The full bath!

Here is the toilet from the first round of the plumber's visit. I mentioned here that we got a Mansfield Summit 3 from Menards. I mentioned it was supposed to have a high flush power. It totally does. WHOOSH!

On his second trip he installed our West Elm 2 X 2 Bath Console Sink with Faucet. It completely changes the look of the room and makes it more modern. Max loves the little towel bar on the front. That boy, he's always thinking of function. The contrasting wood grains and colors give the room another layer of depth.

Here is a shot of the sink basin.

Max's parents convinced us to get the matching set faucet. I'm so glad we did. It looks amazing. Pretty much is the cherry on top of a sink sundae.

Here you can tell the light is off-centered. Again.

Speaking of Max's parents, Mr. Fix-It-Mark and Ellen, stopped by last Saturday to put the finishing touches on the room. Mainly just trim work. Thank God. No more insane work days for awhile.

The room looked great before but its amazing how trim just pushes everything over the edge of awesomeness.

The window brings in so much light during the day. It's amazing. You really don't need lights at all.

Max installed my new Goodwill found draw curtain ($10) and Target curtain rod (also $10).

Together we put up my favorite part of the room. The Moroccan inspired mirror from Lowes for $65; allen + roth 30" X 30" Quatrefoil Octagon Framed Mirror. I completely love it. We hung it at a different angle than shown on the box or the website. Gives it a little different spin. Not that it wasn't already different.

We re-installed four of the five shelves that were originally there. The open concept closet was an idea for our inspiration bathroom from here. The lowest shelf was left out to leave space for a basket hamper.

This is about half of the things I need to wrangle in baskets in said closet. And I truely do mean wrangle. We bought a cabinet to put some of our everyday things but cannot install it until we move the light.

While the trim party was going on, Mark trimmed out the inside of our hall closet... Yeah, I'm amazed too...

So in review this is where we started:

This is where we are currently at but we still have the finishing touches to go:

Few more little things (toilet paper holder, baskets, couple of shelves for decor, pictures, hamper, new shower curtain and towel) and we'll have it all put back in order for a final reveal!

The total plumber bill was $3333, which if you can remember our $3000 budget for the main bathroom has been WAYYYYYY over shot. In our defense, we didn't foresee updating all of our home's cask iron plumbing. I'll have the final break down later in the final reveal. Luckily, part of that number can be broke down for the half bath.

So far we've been working for over two months on the two bathrooms. I'm so happy to have them both functioning and the bulk of phase one of the house is completed.

Who is ready to party?!


  1. It's looking great, Moe! I love the mirror! :)

  2. It’s been over a year; how is the bathroom coming along? Anyway, I find the sink basin in the main bath impressive. It’s an eye-catcher because it’s different from the other structures in symmetry. I agree with you that it creates a contrast for the whole area. Also, painting the walls green gives the room a light appeal that is not too overwhelming. :)

    1. So the bathroom hasn't gone much farther than what you see here. The shower curtain has been upgraded but that is it. I'm so glad you like the color. Everyone who comes to our home says that its a very bright place. I hope they mean that in a good way. After having our wedding last fall many of our projects got pushed back to this year. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and you'll see some new updates very soon. :)


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