Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LBP - The Sconce

Lost Blog Post - The Sconce

I found this wrought iron sconce at Goodwill for $3.99 after a random summer day at work. I'm definitely one of those kinds of people who buys things without always having a place for them or hoards them until a later date. This may get me in trouble in the future...Better call A&E now.


I took my sconce out and primed it with two coats of  Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Primer in White, that I already owned, as seen here. (Also note: another LBP in the works...)

And then after two coats of Rustoleum white high gloss spray paint and we were good to go.

We attached the sconce to the odd living room wall since it was thin and although it needed something on it, most artwork wouldn't work since the space is skinny. I added a wonderful smelling Bath & Body Works candle and we were in business!

Not too shabby for a $3.99 find! What quick fixes have you found? How are you liking the LBPs? Do you think the sconce should be a different color and if so what?

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