Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LBP - The Hall Semi-Circle Table

Lost Blog Post - The Hall Semi-Circle Table

I haven't talked much about our house's hallway: 1. Because its a hallway and 2. It is a narrow space and this makes it difficult to design. Luckily...

One of my many Goodwill impulse buys was a small semi-circle table. I found it on a random summer day for $9.99 (as you can tell with the $10 marking so no one tries to rip them off).

The table already has a light cream color with that aged look to it. As of now, I have done nothing to it other than put it up against the wall.

There really was no other way to put furniture in this hallway. It is only 3' wide. So this guy really was perfect. It also doesn't interfere with the way the doors open and close to the bedrooms which also a great functioning plus.

One other thing you might notice, the hallway is painted! When painting the kitchen, I painted the hallway the same Behr's Wheat Bread that went in the living room. I felt the color already was blended around through the living room and dining space, it was easy to take it a little farther and blend the neutral with the bathroom and bedrooms. Not too shabby huh?!

How are you liking the LBPs? I think they tie all those gaps together and you can really see the progression of our place. 

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