Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catching Some Waves

I may have cracked. I feel like wedding planning has taken over my life and I needed to take it back. I've had so many little things go wrong in the last week or so I was just like AHHHH. I decide to take a break and go back to the one thing I know I have control of, this little house.

After work on Tuesday, I went and bought some test pots of paint from Home Depot to finally start work on our kitchen after 15 months of living here. I knew I wanted a Tealish color but I also knew I had to match the colors of the living room the make sure the flowing space was cohesive. I held up the previous paint swatches of the wall colors we already have, Behr's Wheat Bread and Glidden's Cool Cobalt, in the store and these were the closest matches I could find. I chose two of Behr's colors Teal Zeal and Surfer. Teal Zeal  (left) was a little bit darker and more dramatic. Surfer (right) was a little more light and airy.

If you are a little apprehensive about a color for a room, Behr's website you can virtually "paint" any room by upload photos of the space. It's an easy way to try out some colors before you head to the store. I like to jump in with the test pots, but to each their own.

As soon as the colors of the test pots had dried, it was almost a no-brainer that Surfer was the obvious choice.

I painted the test spots in different areas of the room to get different angles of how the light would look with the color and with the colors already established. Not too shabby.

I bought a gallon and a quart Behr Premium paint with the paint and primer combined in the satin finish to ensure I had enough for basically two rooms. After using it the last time in the living room, it have been by far my favorite paint. The coverage is really great and I only have to spot paint after it dries for the few places that got missed by the roller.

The dining area had the most wall coverage and the kitchen not quite a much with all the cabinet space. I also wanted to have enough to paint the cabinetry of the island the same color to make a bold statement. I also bought a gallon of Wheat Bread in satin finish as paint the adjoining wall that goes from the living room in to the dining area. The backside of this wall, sorry I have no photo of the wall from before.

I foresee the cutting in taking the longest for this project since there isn't a ton of wall space to actually roll with the roller. Just a ton of angles and corners in the space. We shall see!


  1. I miss reading your posts! How did the kitchen turn out? :)

    1. I've started two posts about what I've been doing and got side tracked and wedding stuff got dropped before I could take photos! I'll do my best to update later today after I clean up. <3 It's beautiful.


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