Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Wedding Craft Extravaganza

I would love to say that this was an update about how awesome my kitchen color turned out. I would love to say that "Surfer" is completely surftastic and I'm in riding waves all the way from Honolulu. Unfortunately, this post is not it.

As soon as I got the kitchen painted, I went into wedding overhaul before I took nice pictures of what everything looked like. For the last three weeks this is what our kitchen and living room have looked like periodically.

The kitchen table looks like crafting threw up all over it. There are tons of tiny burlap fibers everywhere. I have boxes and boxes of wedding decor strewn about the floor.

Although this area has been cleaned in between projects, the living room has been my crafting/watch Netflix station. Today was a Grey's Anatomy season 8 eight marathon... hey, got to get ready for season 9 right (the plane crash finale was so bogus by the way, Shonda Rhimes)?

There is a silver lining though. DIY wedding projects are done and since I am a huge movie fan and love teaser trailers, here is a little preview of some of the wedding things I've been tackling. Half finished of course. You'll have to wait for the big wedding reveal to see the whole projects.

Even though I went to Michael's for ribbon and such, the main shopping trip was to my local home store Menards. Figures right?

Definitely hit up the Dollar Tree for some DIY gifts for our wedding party.

Goodwill escort cards anyone?

And yes, the green painters tape was hella busted out for some chevrons. What up.

So now that everything is cleaned up, look forward to new updates!

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