Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Lovin'

The sun has brought a drought on to much of the Midwest including Milwaukee. And this blog. Apparently we had no takers for the Your Bangin' Home Contest! I'm a little shocked! Either you are holding out for what is behind door number two or the word just didn't get out because of the holiday. Who knows... either way, I have faith that people are still reading... Being an emotional person sometimes, I have ignored writing for two weeks. I apologize.

Wedding season is in full force with ours being the tail end of it. I feel like I've been running around on my days off from work like a chicken with its head cut off trying to squeeze in any extra wedding planning activities and normal fun so I don't go insane as possible. A few days now I have just randomly been crashing from exhaustion.

The 4th of July was quite laid back though. Max and I bought food for a cook-out. Ended up getting a crazy awesome deal at Pick 'N Save. We were buying a case of Miller Lite to have friends over later that evening. The cashier asked if we were getting the meal deal with that. I was a little confused. Meal deal? She explained for buying the beer we got a pound of fresh ground beef, a pack of hamburger buns, a two-liter of Pepsi (or diet which is what we went with), a bag of Doritos and a bottle of BBQ sauce. And it was free. So pretty much super awesome 4th of July trip to the grocery store.

We took a slight break from the 100 heat at a local Lake Michigan beach. It was really nice since the bugs down there were at a minimum. They normally eat me alive.

The evening was spent with good food and great friends. We grilled, had a light meal (seen below) on a very festive table. After dinner we played a new board game called Ticket To Ride: Europe Edition. Super fun game about making trains that go across the country. Might have to buy that one. I won on my first try. Beginner's luck?

During the game, we started to hear the fireworks going off around us. I immediately thought it was the village that we live in just setting them off. We were in for such a treat. FOUR different firework displays in the area were all going off at the same time. Disclaimer: Do NOT try this at home. We decided to climb on the roof of our house to get the best vantage point. I was definitely scared I'd fall and kill myself but the view of the fireworks was impressive. Here are a few of the best shots I got.

A few days later, Max and I went to his fraternity's Family Reunion. Super fun to meet a bunch of the men who made him who he is today. It was great to see guys from different generations sharing the same experience.

Truly great men come from Tau Kappa Epsilon. And the kiddos were adorable too.

Max and I also attended Milwaukee's Bastille Days. For those of you who don't know, its a French festival. Neither of us are French but festivals in Milwaukee are really something you have to enjoy. Made for all. We attended during their Mardi Gras night. Super fun. And the music was bumpin'.

The famous "Storming the Bastille" Fun Run was also that night at 9PM. The race announcer said that this was the largest group they had ever had. It was at least 5000 runners or more. Pretty cool being the only 5K to go through downtown Milwaukee. Most are held at the Lakefront or some where with more room (Miller Park or the Zoo). Although I am keeping up with my running, I didn't feel I was up for the 5K yet. I'm sticking with I will do it next year. Someone please hold me to that. History of the Storming of the Bastille here.

The best runners got through in just over 12-15 minutes. Seriously ridiculous. And everyone seemed to be an experienced runner, all checking their times.

We ended our night in Paris with a shot by the Eiffel Tower.

Lastly, we went to Chicago's Morton Arboretum for a wedding for a fraternity brother of Max's, Dan, and his new wife, Kristin. It decided early that afternoon it was going to monsoon after almost two months with no rain. Seriously, the last time it rained was my sister's wedding in May. Luckily, after a little patience, the sun came out for their ceremony and it was beautiful.

Here are some of the gardens.

Who is that good looking couple?

Max had a little too much fun with the mustache party favors.

There hasn't been a lot of house improvements lately with being so busy, but we definitely are trying to make the most of the few summer months we have and enjoy the moments while planning out wedding.

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