Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ripple Effect

When we brought the new sectional sofa on a whim, who knew what effect it would have on the rest of our house. I mean, that furniture needed to go somewhere. Max and I wanted to put the sectional in our blue room making our old living space more of a sitting/entrance room.

I have mentioned before, I am a bit of a second hand furniture hoarder. I first released the patio furniture outside so it can actually be used for its intentional purpose. We also wanted to finally use the futon for something other than a couch (hey we aren't in college anymore), a little more on that later... But there is now definitely a gap. Next thing to look for, comfy chair with an over-sized ottoman.

I first brought up two chairs I have been storing for the last 3-4 months in the basement. They are two sturdy "70s-ish" arm chairs. I found them at the Salvation Army down the street one $25 for the set. I know they are still an eyesore with their fading vinyl but after sitting on them, they have very sturdy seats and (hopefully) will be relatively easy to recover. Don't you just love the nail head edging?! I'll definitely have to add that back when I get new fabric.

To get them covered sooner than later, I found this muted zebra print I found at a online fabric store called Texas Sussanie's. I just love that name! Only in Texas would you have a name like Sussanie. Getting back to the fabric, the background is tan and the actual strip is brown.

Amazingly enough, I found this brand-new, in the box Target end table at Goodwill for $24.99. I know, right! I tried to find it online but it might be sold out or no longer in stock. No matter, it. is. awesome.

Here is a better look at the wood top. With the current decor and carpeting, I think it works great. Once we refinish the hardwood floors, I might give it a paint job so that the table doesn't fade into the wood overhaul. We shall see...

I (again) moved this rotating end table to the odd corner behind the TV as more of a featured area. This has now been in the bedroom, guest bedroom and the living room. Maybe it will find a permanent home someday.

Since I moved the arm lamp in by the new sectional, I needed some lighting in this side of the room now. Remember that my mom got me some Goodwill lamps and new shades for Christmas? I could never find a good place for them until now. They look great along the sofa giving an eclectic, modern look.

My desk mini bar that I've had since college, I added as a console table by the front door. This has been another floating piece of furniture. I have a feeling it will get retired in the near future. For now, shine on little buddy.

If you remember, we used to have estate sale cabinet that now houses my grandmother's vintage dish collection in the former sitting room. It was sort of an odd place for it but it was out of the way and no one really went in there much. We ended up moving it probably the most obvious of places, the dining room. This means we moved the beer fridge into the closet/future laundry area. Do we move stuff a lot? Yes. Everything always is in constant flux. Lord knows what will happen when we start to finish the basement...

I love that I can have fresh flower clippings now as well. Like the vase? I got it on clearance from Z. Gallarie for $4.

Another thing I have been hiding, this handmade wine rack I picked up for $5 from Salvation Army. I promise you there was many more bottles at one point in time. They don't tend to stick around too long at this house.

Last, but certainly not least, our futon! We got rid of of the twin beds and moved the "fu" in here to make it look more like an office. It is Turk's second favorite place currently. He even stopped sleeping with us and sleeps in here. Part of me is grateful, the other is sad I'm missing my snuggle puppy. Either way, I think it looks great in here!

Have any major furniture moving fiascoes lately? Are you a constant migratory furniture mover like us? Tell your story!

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