Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Wedding: Getting Ready

So I lied. I tried to split this up into three posts but as I was writing and adding photographs, they were way too long and drawn out. So here is the first part of the wedding day. The day of "get the bride to the alter" things.

The night/morning of the wedding I couldn't sleep. I was alone in our suite at the B&B and I was so restless. I tried just about anything to settle down and get a little sleep. Soaking in the jacuzzi tub to relax my muscles; nothing. Warming up my room with my little fireplace heater; nada. Writing my thoughts down to just get them out of my head; well it was a try! But it was just no use. I ended up just swirling in my own thoughts.

Eventually, my mom came to the door to see how I was doing and to bring me down for breakfast. So happy too. Renee, the B&B owner, is one mean cook! She made peach french toast that was to die for. Another favorite was her loaded hash browns. Such a great way to start the day! I enjoyed chatting with my parents and sister before all the craziness began. I had a semi-tight schedule to make sure everything happened on time.

First task of the day was flowers. I was bound and determined we were going to be able to afford Max and I had bought our flowers from a wholesale website FiftyFlowers and they arrived at our house on three consecutive days depending on how long it would take for them to bloom starting with my "lovely purple irises" first (DPhiE shout out!)

The flowers were set up assembly line style:
1. My brother-in-law Brian: Cutting Stems
2. Anderson family ladies Ellen, Molly and Kalin: Bridesmaid bouquets, aisle and table vases, boutineers
3. My mother Shelly: Bridal bouquet and extra flower assistance
4. My sister, Kari, and dad, Mike: Miscellaneous flower and other decor help

The Anderson women braving the drafty barn while arranging bridesmaid bouquets.

My mother proudly making my bridal bouquet with my sister, Kari's help.

Finished bridesmaid bouquets. They look so lovely!

With all the help we ended up getting everything arranged in about an hour to an hour an a half. There were still a few things getting finished when I had to run off for my hair and make-up appointment. Thanks to those who stayed.

Running slightly late, I met my bridesmaids at Studio 212 Salon in downtown Waupaca, while their hair appointments were already in progress.

I started out first in the make-up chair. Everything really was feeling surreal. "Is this really happening? I've been in so many weddings before, is this actually mine? Look at the girls' hair! My mom looks so happy. There isn't enough coffee in this world right now."

When it was time to move to the hair chair, I made the fatal mistake of leaving my veil in my room. My bridesmaids Kate and Erika flew to the rescue and went off to retrieve it in the rain. Yay for 100% chances of rain on your wedding day. Yup, that's what I got.

 My girls put me at ease with plenty of laughs. It was so great to be surrounded by them. Sometimes you really just need your friends to make any situation better. We were all seasoned brides/bridesmaids so joking around was definitely the way to go.

Unlike many brides, I didn't really have a plan on how I wanted to wear my veil. I took a poll and we decided on the back. I ended up wearing it the entire ceremony and reception without it bothering me at all. Gave some great lighting effects at the reception as well.

My friend Brittney's reaction to the finished look was priceless.

 After a few hugs and a little more laughter, the girls went to the B&B to get ready while I waited for my mom to get her hair done.

From left to right Grace Johnson, Erika McKee, myself, Brittney Klaas and Katharine Farchmin.

I was so happy to see my mom pampering herself. Sometimes I feel she works so hard for everyone else she forgets that she's a beautiful woman that deserves that too.

This was the moment I felt and knew I was a bride. It was a very emotional feeling. Everything finally felt real.

After a last minute trip to the local K-Mart for 2-3 forgotten items we went back to Willow Pond to put on our dresses and start to get this party started!

I arrived to the B&B to see my maids have already started pre-gamming without me. Crazy girls.

Touching up the lip gloss.

Trying to squeeze my boobs into my dress. In hashtag form: #neverthoughtidhavethisproblem

Something old: a broach from my grandmother's aunt who raised her when she moved to the United States. Something new: basically my whole outfit. Something borrowed: A locket pendant from my bridesmaid/sorority sister/roommate Erika. The locket was given to her by her grandmother before she died. Erika always wears it. Something blue: My blue TOMS wedges.

Please note my Green Bay Packers garter.

A quick cheers before my "first look" moment with Max and bridal party photos began.

After to speaking to Max, he spend his morning with his family for a little bit then decided to join the rest of his boys at the hotel. He spent it playing cards and taking it easy.

All photography by Brittni Weston at All Business Photography & DJ. All rights have been given to post all these images.


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