Saturday, January 28, 2012

All The Small Things

Most of this month has come and gone. Time flies when you're having fun! Little has been done house wise these past few weeks. We've had friends visit from out of town, people over for Packers games and just vegged in our spare time. Not exciting when you want to talk of all the cool things you are doing on your home blog, but awesome in the post holidays sense.


They say its the little things that make a house, a home. Slowly but surely we are hauling those little touches in and doing just that. In no particular order, here is some of our hauls/upgrades...

Steam Cleaning The Carpets

Since we moved in (with the moving, home updates and Turk being sick), we haven't had the carpets cleaned. And it was really starting to get... disgusting. Even though we plan on refinishing the hardwood floors this coming summer, we thought it might be a little nice to have a clean house through winter and spring.

Here's the culprit with his stains.

So we bucked up and rented a Rug Doctor from our local supermarket, Pick 'n Save. The rental cost us approximately $40 for a 24-hour rental and $20 for the cleaning solution. We used the professional line's special "pet solution". 

Check to the left of this pass of the machine. Filthy. I'm barfing right now just thinking about it (not really, but you get the point.)

Here is the cleaned floor looking almost like new. Not too bad if I say so myself.

The Guest Bedroom/Office was even worse. Before we moved in, it was clearly not cleaned and the carpet was just brown. Again, look at the strip to the left of the cleaner. It was that dirty.

Here is the finished product. Turk was a little weirded out by the wet carpet. Silly dog.

TP Saves

Last month we threw a party for both the holidays and sort of our housewarming to show off our new bathrooms. Although, they are not fully finished, they could definitely be displayed. We thought it might be a treat to have some new toilet paper holders so our guests wouldn't have to pull the roll off the back of the toilet. We like to class it up around here.

In the main bathroom, we found this free-standing paper holder on clearance for $17.99 down from $29.99 at Menards. Since our sink has a built in towel bar we decided to forego one, for now.

I love that the chrome finish matches our fixtures perfectly. And she's a beaut if I do say so myself.

In our half bath, since it is so tiny, we really needed something very simple. This very modern slide on model gives our tiny friend a little pizzazz. Even rooms need a little bling.

Pillow Fun

I have been searching for awhile to find a statement piece that really defined our living room. Something to really set the palette. Then I found that in this awesome floral pillow from Pier 1.

PERFECT! The background is a great khaki color, which I want to color match for the wall color. It's got phenomenal brights to use in tiny splashes around the room.

Just when you think this pillow can't get any better...flip it over!  Vertical stripes! Ahh! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love stripes. I tend to wear them a lot. And here I have stripes on stripes. What do you think? The orange pillow is actually the outdoor pillows from our outdoor (now indoor) furniture. I even

Just when you can't get enough of pillow love, I brought home some others home from TJ Maxx. A twofer for $24. I love them because they are just so poofy. Yes, I said poofy. Definitely makes hanging out on the couch more enjoyable.

The design quilted on them is sort of like penny tile.

Max was giving me crap that I'm making it "woman's domain" with all my pillows. OOPS!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I added this guy on a whim. While getting my highly addictive Bath and Body Works soap run on, I found this on their yellow sale. It is an oil warmer, but I just like the look of it. *shrugs... Although I probably won't burn oil in it, it looks nice on a shelf. Whatevs.

Have you ever been accused of making something "woman's domain"?!

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